NFT-bazaar and a social network rolled into one

The place for you to stay, communicate, trade, and exchange digital content, including NFTs, on a trusted, private, and blockchain-based platform.

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Who is Bitorbit for?

Bitorbit offers a simple and intuitive toolkit that allows any general user to mint, promote, sell, buy, and exchange digital content (photos, videos, audio, texts) in both the classic form and the form of NFT.

Bitorbit is a perfect meeting place for digital content creators, streamers, bloggers, artists, NFT-artists, collectors, and merchants. It is also a ready-made Web3.0 marketplace for game developers, creators of metaverses, NFT games, their followers and users.

Let your followers support you

Building a loyal network of eager followers may be difficult, but monetizing your content shouldn't be. We’ve built Bitorbit for the influencers looking to ultimately boost profits from their content.

The platform also fits influencers who value their privacy and are looking to eliminate the middlemen and gatekeepers. Most importantly, we’ve created Bitorbit for ambitious minds who want it all without having to sacrifice one aspect over another.

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  • True Bazaar

    Connect, search, discuss, swap, bargain, and trade with the “5 clicks to result” interface while enjoying tiny little minting fees and the lowest commissions out there.

  • Advanced
    Marketing tools

    Indulge in profit-boosting tools, including Auto-trade that lets you add your Bitorbit profile link to your preferred social media handle, tweet it, or send it as a message.

  • Embedded Chat

    Take engagement to the next level with a unique chat feature. Expand your communication with a built-in disrupting trading interface.

  • Embedded
    Crypto Wallet

    A secure non-custodial way to store, protect, and exchange your assets. Integrated swap to and from fiat currencies.

Join our Beta

Contribute to the bazaar development at early stages to reserve the best stall or choose the best seller for yourself.

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